Spring Traditions, Folklore, Culture, Trips and Health Care. Experience Spring in Luhačovice

25. 2. 2020 -

Why should you visit the Luhačovice Spa in the spring? Get to know the traditions and folklore of the Moravian region and enjoy spring rejuvenation in the largest Moravian spa. We have prepared several tips for spring trips and cultural events.

Ceremonial opening of springs in Luhačovice (source: luhacovice.cz)
Ceremonial opening of springs in Luhačovice (source: luhacovice.cz)

The Luhačovice Spa is known not only for its natural mineral springs and folk architecture by Dušan Jurkovič, but it is also a region of folklore and traditions with many historical and cultural landmarks.

Tradition, folklore and culture

Numerous folklore and cultural events take place in Luhačovice in the spring from March to May. Below you can find several tips for interesting events we have selected for you.

From the Masopust carnival to Easter, you can explore the traditions and folklore of the Moravian region. The spring festivities begin with a carnival parade, burying the contrabass, carrying the figurine of death and culminate with the Easter fair. 

An interesting event will be held on 11 March 2020 at Kafe u Osmanyho - Talk Show with Osmany Laffita and his guests, organised by Korunka Luhačovice in cooperation with the chain of ROYAL SPA hotels and resorts. The event will take place in the Elektra House of Culture and the proceeds will be donated to help disabled children.

One of most important events of the year is the spa season opening ceremony with the blessing and opening of springs which will take place from 8 to 10 May 2020. The city will come alive with colourful folk costumes, Art Nouveau costumes, veterans, singing and dancing.

Since 2002, Korunka Luhačovice has been organising the annual charity event “Luhačovice - City of Health and Fashion”. The highlight of this event is a charity fashion show attended by celebrities in culture. This event aims to contribute to the spa season opening and raise funds for those in need... This year’s event will take place on 16 May.

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Walks in Luhačovice and trips in the area

Luhačovice has changed significantly in recent years. Major historical and cultural landmarks have been repaired - the spa colonnade, the Vincentka Hall, the pedestrian zone from the post office to the spa park, which has been renovated and where a new spring called The New Jubilee Spring has been opened. Spring walks in the spa town will re-energise you. In addition, our hotels are located near the centre, the spa colonnade and the park. Follow in the footsteps of Dušan Jurkovič, learn about the history and the present of the town of Luhačovice. Show more

Popular trip destinations include the Pozlovice dam near Luhačovice where you will find an outdoor swimming pool, boat and pedal boat rental, a nature trail, an in-line skating trail, exercise machines and food and drink establishments. Show more

Tips for spring stays

Spring is the right time for proper regeneration. In our spa hotels, we add seasonal food to our menu in this period and expand our range of drinks with fresh juices and herbal, detox and cleansing teas.

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