Spa Luhačovice MIRAMARE

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We invite you on a short visit to Spa hotels MIRAMARE.

25 years of experience

In Luhačovice we offer accommodation in 3 spa hotels with complex services under one roof. Spa therapy specializing in the treatment of diseases of the respiratory tract, locomotive and neurological system, digestive tract, metabolism, circulatory system and remitting oncological diseases.

  • Spa hotels MIRAMARE consist of 3 interconnected hotels with a complete balneotherapy facility, 2 natural mineral springs and a 24-hour medical service.
  • Spa hotel VILA ANTOANETA consists of 4 interconnected hotels, where you will find a wonderful water relaxation center and Java massage saloon.
  • Luxury Spa & Wellness VILA VALAŠKA, is a cultural monument by arch. Dušan Jurkovič and offers accommodation in only 9 stylishly furnished apartments, great gastronomy and exceptional balneotherapy.
  • Spa hotel NIVAMARE located approximately 1.5 km from the spa colonnade and the centre of Luhačovice offers comprehensive services under one roof and comfortable accommodation. The hotel’s main advantage is its location in a serene setting with views of the surrounding meadows and woods.