Spa hotels MIRAMARE Luhačovice

We invite you on a short visit to Spa hotels MIRAMARE.

Own mineral springs

  • Spa hotels MIRAMARE are located in the quiet environment of Luhačovice near the centre.
  • Spa complex consists of 3 interconnected buildings and offers complex services under one roof.
  • The hotels boasts a complete balneotherapy and more than 80 spa treatments.
  • We offer doctor´s surgery and medical staff, medical service 24 hours a day.
  • Spa treatment is focused on - disorders of respiratory tract, locomotory system, digestive diseases, obesity, circulatory system and remitting oncological diseases.
  • In spa Luhačovice we offer accommodation in Spa hotel VILA ANTOANETA, with amazing water relaxation centre. Spa hotel is suitable for the younger generation and families with children.
  • Luxury Spa & Wellness VILA VALAŠKA became one of the architekt Jurkovič´s most important buildings in Luhačovice. Hotel offers stylish accomodation and exceptional balneotherapy.


The Luhačovice spa colonnade.

26. 2. 2019

Your Holiday In Spa Luhačovice

The Luhačovice spa belongs to one of the most visited spas.

Come relax and visit Luhačovice!

12. 12. 2018

Good Health and Happiness in 2019

Dear guests, we would like to wish you the year 2019 full of health, happiness, understanding and success in personal and professional...