Luhačovice Spa is located in the southeast part of Moravia, on the border of Moravian Wallachia and Moravian Slovakia in the Zlín Region. The entire area is called the Luhačovice Woodlands and belongs to the White Carpathians Protected Landscape Area. The town lies at an altitude of 250 m above sea level and is surrounded by the Vizovice Hills. Luhačovice Spa is the fourth largest spa in the Czech Republic and the most visited spa in Moravia. It is famous for its natural healing springs, favourable climate conditions and pleasant surroundings.

Culture in Luhačovice Spa

Mineral springLuhačovice Spa is the fourth largest and most visited spa in the Czech Republic. The total accommodation capacity is 3000 beds. A total of 14 mineral springs are used within the scope of treatment. Luhačovice Spa is known for its extensive offer of concerts, cultural performances, festivals (Janáček and Luhačovice, Luhačovice Theatre and others).

Tips for a trip

Dam PozloviceThanks to its location, Luhačovice is an ideal place for walks or bicycle rides. Guests can actively sport directly in Luhačovice –tennis, bowling, mini-golf, squash, fishing, horseback riding etc. Those who like to discover interesting places can take advantage of the offer to take a trip into the surroundings (castles, wine cellars, folk traditions and more) and the offer of entertainment or culture in the evening.

History of Luhačovice Spa

History photoThe history of Luhačovice as a spa town can be dated back to the end of the 16th century, when the Serényi family began to establish itself in Moravia, more specifically Pavel Serényi. . It was his son, Ondřej, who had the water springing from the ground, called Slanice at the time (today’s Amandka), bottled and sent for analysis to Brno. Physician’s then assigned a number of medicinal properties to the water. The Main (now called Vincentka) Spring became the second spring and subsequently even the first spa guests began arriving in Luhačovice Spa.  The main initiator of Luhačovice’s transformation into a spa town was Ondřej’s grandson - Vincenc Serényi, after whom the most famous spring in Luhačovice was named. Based on his incentive, construction of the spa buildings, inns and spa parks began. Vincenc Serényi is rightfully considered the founder of Luhačovice Spa.
  The Modern history of Luhačovice Spa was first written in 1900 with the arrival of Brno physician František Veselý, MD., who purchased Luhačovice Spa from the owner Otto, a descendent of the Serényi family, and established a joint-stock company. . Veselý used his friends for help in building the spa, which included the writers Vilém and Alois Mrštík, Josef Merhaut, the painter Joža Uprka and mainly the architect Dušan Jurkovič. The goal was to create a purely Czech spa. Today we can say that his vision was fulfilled.