Medical spa hotel MIRAMARE Luhačovice

The offer accommodation in three hotels in Luhačovice - Spa hotels MIRAMARE, Spa hotel VILA ANTOANETA, Spa hotel VILA VALAŠKA and Spa hotel NIVAMARE Luhačovice. Experience the beauty of the region.

Spa hotels MIRAMARE

Spa hotels MIRAMARESpa hotels MIRAMARE are located in the quiet environment of Luhačovice, near the centre and spa park, offers complex services and more than 80 treatments under one roof. For the treatment we use our own mineral springs. Medical service 24 hours a day.


Spa hotel VILA ANTOANETASpa hotel VILA ANTOANETA is located in a quiet part of the town close to the spa park and the collonade. It offers complex services under one roof, amazing water relaxation centre - an indoor counter-current swimming pool, a whirlpool, a sauna, a steam bath and a solar terrace.  The hotel is suitable for the younger generation and families with children.

Luxury Spa & Wellness VILA VALAŠKA

Luxury Spa & Wellness VILA VALAŠKALuxury Spa & Wellness VILA VALAŠKA became one of the architekt Jurkovic´s most important buildings in Luhačovice and offers rustic accommodation for the most demanding spa guests. VILA VALAŠKA is connected to the nearby VILA ANTOANETA and offers luxury accommodation, an individual approach and superior services for the most demanding spa guests. The hotel is suitable for family celebrations and corporate events up to 20 people.

spa hotel NIVAMARE

Spa hotel NIVAMARE Luhačovice

Spa hotel NIVAMARE Luhačovice is located approximately 1.5 km from the centre of Luhačovice, in an undisturbed tranquil area in the middle of nature offering beautiful views of the surrounding meadows and woods. The NIVAMARE Spa Hotel will fascinate you with mesmerizing views of the Luhačovice Lake. The two-storey wellness centre will give you an opportunity to relax your body and mind. The hotel is also suitable for the younger generation and families with children.