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EUROSPAmed – Quality certificateEUROSPAmed – Quality certificate

MIRAMARE Luhačovice Spa Hotels were among the first to receive the EUROPESPAmed quality certificate in 2006.

The certificate is granted by the European Spas Association in Brussels. The audit looked at 400 different areas of spa care. Certification guarantees that the spa care provided is comparable to the quality of services abroad and recognised by German health insurance companies.

iSO 9001ISO 9001

MIRAMARE Luhačovice Spa Hotels were certified to ISO 9001 quality standards, making the four hotels among spa facilities in the country to receive this certificate. Compliance audits are performed every year.

Czech Association of Hotels certificationOfficially certified hotel ****

VILA ANTOANETA and Luxury Spa & Wellness VILA VALAŠKA Spa Hotels Luhačovice has been officially certified hotel **** establishments by the Czech Association of Hotels and Restaurants based on evaluation criteria established by the Hotelstars Union. The criteria are the same for hotels and other accommodation facilities in Austria, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland.

Quality guaranteed by the physiciaQuality guaranteed by the physicia

MIRAMARE, VILA ANTOANETA and Luxury Spa & Wellness VILA VALAŠKA Spa Hotels Luhačovice are guaranteed to provide you with professional, medically-supervised spa care 24/7. Spa treatment is based on the use of natural medicinal resources, professional rehabilitation and many years of experience in the spa and balneology sector.

 SPA Awards

Spa Business of the Year 2007

Miramare Spa Hotels were named “Spa Business of the Year” at the spa festival in Carlsbad in 2007.

Our Co-operations

Escape from boredomKudy z nudy

We co-operate with a tourist portal called "Kudy z nudy" (Escape from Boredom), where among other things you can learn about upcoming events or plan a trip to the Jeseníky Mountains.

Czech Tourism

For several years we have been working closely with the Czech Tourism agency that promotes the Czech Republic at home as well as abroad as an attractive tourist destination.

We help children - Luhačovice CrownKorunka pomáhá

We co-operate closely with the civic association of Luhačovice Crown, which helps ill children, especially in the Zlín Region and the surrounding area.