Your Holiday In Spa Luhačovice

26. 2. 2019 -

The Luhačovice spa belongs to one of the most visited spas.

Come relax and visit Luhačovice!

The Luhačovice spa colonnade.
The Luhačovice spa colonnade.

You can visit Luhačovice during any time of the year, it is a magical place to visit during autumn as well as winter.

Curative Springs For Your Health

In Luhačovice, spa doctors prescribe cold mineral water to be applied to various problem areas of the body and heated to different temperatures. For example strongly mineralized carbonic and iodine mineral water called Aloiska is prescribed by doctors to improve digestion and mineral processes in the body. “Carbonic baths in Jaroslava and St. Josef mineral water have become an inseparable part of the fight against cardiovascular problems, especially for diabetics.” says Jana Mahdalíková, the head doctor at MIRAMARE Luhačovice spa hotels. To improve overall physical and mental health, it is especially effective in the form of Scotch hoses, whirlpool baths, physical training in the pool or even swimming.

The Traditional Vincentka Spring

Possibly the most well-known mineral spring in the Czech Republic, is the cold iodine hydrogen carbonate - chloride – sodium type spring water named Vincentka. It is excellent for treating breathing difficulties by drinking, gargling, nasal irrigation or inhalation. Vincentka moistens nasal mucosa, dilutes mucous and helps to expectorate. 

Curative Mineral Water – Benefits For You

Sebastian Kneip became famous about one hundred years ago thanks to his hydrotherapy and baths. The priest from Wörishofen mastered more than one hundred different water treatments. Today’s spa treatments have been perfected thanks to modern findings. It is not true anymore that only old and sick people visit the spa. We welcome an increasing amount of hard working people looking to relax and gain new energy. The springs are intended for drinking as well, but have many other benefits. “Each of our spa facilities offers about fifty treatments, sometimes even more; wellness hotels offer twenty to thirty. This includes various types of massages, wet packs, electrotherapyConsultations with doctors or nutritional therapists are often part of the stay, as well as relaxation and getting enough sleep.” says Ing. Martin Plachý, director of the ROYAL SPA wellness and spa hotels.